Cartoon corner: animating your screens

Our latest round of animated arts in action

In the digital age, there’s almost an infinite array of tools which creators have at their fingertips to bring characters, objects, places and spaces to life. Not to mention the evolution of entire worlds on screen before our eyes.

Whether through multimedia mash-up, hand-drawn lines, good old fashioned stop-frame or straight up computer-generated graphics: telling stories has developed into a captivating experience for both makers and audiences alike.

Moving masses of pixels has never been more exciting, as behind each series of frames lies meticulous amounts of effort. From the blending of traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology, the results can really transcend language and culture at times. A whole universe teaming with creative energy and ideas that explode into life.

Continuing our series, we’ve pick out some recent works that caught our eyes and attention. We hope you’ll appreciate the level of love and effort that goes into these seemingly short pieces, as we focus in on visually animated fun from creators hailing from the UK and beyond.

Kelly Moran – Soft Focus

Known for her experimental piano-based music, composer Kelly Moran returns to more classical roots on her latest EP ‘Vesela’ for Warp Records.

The shimmering beauty of ‘Soft Focus’ is accompanied with a stunningly crafted visualiser created by British director and sculptor Tom Brett. Who plays masterfully with images, filters and grainy textures which seemingly melt and fade into your wavering consciousness.

Ill Considered – Kintsugi

Artist and animator Vincent de Boer fuses the perfect rhythmic patter of ‘Kintsugi’ with accompanying hand drawn structures, textures and visual grips to enter the realm of shapeshifting which really do take you over the threshold. Not only his brushstroke comes to life in this film, shapes and ideas that represent and reveal metaphors of the richness of all life around us unfurl in this moment in time to bend the very fabric of space in the perfectly constructed universe.

Jacob Collier – Cinnamon Crush (Feat. Lindsey Lomis)

Using sonic complexities and kaleidoscopic harmonies as the perfect backdrop for visual hallucinations, Dustin Yellin creates this colourful murmuration of a million pieces that weave and dance in their own flow. As much enticing as it soothes, the concept is derived from the Djesse Vol. 4 glass sculpture made unique for the artwork – genius!

Khruangbin – May Ninth

At the trailhead of a nostalgic reverie, Khruangbin are the masters of incorporating funk, rock, dub and soul in perfect balance that sets them apart from so many. Ahead of their latest 5th studio album ‘La Sala’ – the single ‘May Ninth’ enlists the talents of Jenny Lucia Mascia and Jeremy Higgins. Whole heartedly leaning into the motif of childhood, discovery and ascension, the duo show just how much they understand the potential an animated video can have. Combining 2D & 3D techniques, they embrace dealing in human emotion and capture the desire to be happy, connected and free – reflecting the band’s ethos radiantly.

Max Cooper – Cardano Circles

Created for Max Cooper’s immersive live show ‘Seme’, ‘Cardano Circles’ is Cooper’s collaboration with Italian video artist Mario Carillo. Referencing Gerolamo Cardano’s Cardano Circles system from around 1570, and how the mechanism turns straight lines into circles. A process involved in early printing press technology in Italy, the pair have reallt struck a chord in terms of taking visuals into beautiful new realms building on the initial idea and getting lost in beautiful emergent abstraction.