Cartoon corner: animating your screens

Dishing up our latest round of animated action and cartoon capers

With so many ways and means of making animation come to life in this day and age: bringing characters, objects, places and spaces to life on our screens – we’re certainly not short of incredible content to absorb and enjoy.

Telling a coherent story and communicating powerful messages through moving masses of pixels has never been more important on both sides of the screen.

Whatever your preference: traditional stop frame, multi-media mash up, ink and paint, hand drawings and the like to modern machinations that involve computer processed graphic manipulations. Tthere’s never been a more exciting time for artists to express ideas and bring their vision to reality.

Continuing our on-going series, we pick out some of the latest animated works that caught our eye and attention. We hope you’ll appreciate the level of love and creative effort that goes into these seemingly short pieces, as we focus in on a bunch of fun from cartoon creators hailing from Mexico, USA, UK, and South Korea.

Colleen – Hidden in the Current

For two decades Cécile Schott aka Colleen has been crafting enchanting, bewildering music. Calling on the talents of Mexico-based artist Daniel Barreto, his mesmerizingly colourful and rhythmic collage perfectly accompanies her low slung electronic work in ‘Hidden in the Current’. Pure hypnotic joy… there is something deeply satisfying about Barreto’s direction that borderlines the cosmic.  

Blake Mills – Money Is The One True God

A trip through iconic scenes throughout history and made up of hi-resolution scans of banknotes from 23 countries. Director Lachlan Turczan puts a kaleidoscope of currency centre stage to the music of Blake Mills, making a purist statement about the only thing that humans have ever valued over time. Culminating with the collective eyes of all the world’s leaders, the detail is stunning.

Max Cooper – Movement Maps ft. Samad Khan

Bringing together different forms of movement and mapping: human, organic and inorganic movement, director Jazer Giles combines scenes from a live dance piece “Weakness of the Flesh”. Using rigid pixel sorting and exploratory Physarum – this is a stylistic collision of music, vocals, dance, and two films, mapped to a new hybrid form as part of a project.

Ladelune – Routine Rhythms!

Hailing from South Korea, director Haeri is a relative newcomer and designer who loves typography and paper craft. With a view to creating a story about pattern: regular or irregular, organic or geometric, structural or decorative, positive or negative, repeating or random. Routine rhythms is an interesting narrative around the flow and patterns of every day life.

Homeshake – Passenger Seat

Beautifully designed and directed by Pete Sharp for Homeshake’s “Passenger Seat” EP, this superlative impression of floating through the cosmos whilst enjoying the machinations of travel and charms of fungi, really do collide.