A focus on Connective Zone

Album artwork for Abstract by Connective Zone

A trip through the elusive yet stellar sounds of Connective Zone

Connective Zone is the joint endeavour and creative musings of the Lincolnshire based duo – Graham Sims and Simon Button.

One the UK’s finest, yet criminally underrated, Electronic music pairings who first bonded over a joint love of synthesizers, drum machines and the endless possibilities that a new wave of music making offered up in the early 1990s.

There is no mistaking Connective Zone’s sumptuously shaped signature sound: heart warming, breezily crafted atmosphere, replete with playful textures and finely tuned programming. The kind of sounds that fill the heart and mind with a certain joy in their most upbeat moments, or take you to the edge with ultimate precision when they veer into darker side of their psyches.

While less is more can certainly be taken as their modus operandi. After they first release emerged on the long defunct A13 label in 1994, they went on to record a series of EPs that made their way onto imprints like UXB, Emoticon and Native. With Delsin re-issuing their much sought after Qwerty EP in the last few years.

Sitting somewhere between tonal range and sonic sculptures of B12, Plaid and LFO – there is a unique quality to their sonic sphere that makes them every bit as irresistible. Leaving you to wonder how their work has yet to be recognised as part of the same canon in the wider sense? From our point of view, their work well and truly deserves much greater recognition.

For the reasons alone, we decided to compile a brief selection from their catalogue for you to digest and hopefully enjoy:

Glissando, Pt. 2

Sniper (Mind Over Rhythm Remix)

Palm Palm


All The Ones



We Hope

Last but not least, the good news is they’ve been releasing new and old gems courtesy of their Bandcamp page which you can delve into over here: