Payfone & Kyd Nereida – I Feel You – Leng

Payfone & Kyd Nereida ‘I Feel You’ – one of 2023’s finest slices of Electronic pop meets downtempo grooves is back in press

If you haven’t been introduced to the sumptuous sounds of Payfone, you’ll be happy to discover (like us) that this dynamic musical duo comprises of seasoned veterans Phil Passera and Jimmy Day. Who have been releasing music together under that name since 2013, working alongside a variety of collaborators after their project debut ‘International Smark’ on Slate’s Slates.

Effortlessly blurring the boundaries between slow-mo electronic disco, seductive songs and sun-splashed beats. They have quite the reputation and an enviable discography within their own Balearic leaning circles and are rightly considered a buy on sight type of outfit.

Whilst their music had slightly passed us by, until a friend introduced us to their output a few months ago. It turns out the duo not only wrote one of the finest EPs of 2023, but now also have an LP in the works. Having made their mark on the mighty Golf Channel imprint, they’ve since been on the books of Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy and Simon Purnell’s prized Leng imprint: continuing their run of impressive 12s that have brought them to this moment.

‘I Feel You’ features the vocal talents of Kyd Nereida, a Dominican Republic-born lyricist and vocalist in her own right, is the duo’s first outing on their long-serving label for two years. Offering up a high-class mid-tempo tailor-made chugger for loved-up dancefloors and intoxicated home listening sessions. It has quite rightly been HOTLY sought after since its debut sell out pressing back in February 2023 (also see the prices of their other releases!).

A typically atmospheric treat that shuffles and sways ever so elegantly, it is marked out by an immersive squelchy synth-bass, guitar motifs (courtesy of guests J Felix and Royce Wood Jr.) and smoky sax (provided by Jordi Blanch). All brought to focus with Nereida’s sassy lead vocal: a superbly stirring, spine-tingling treat.

With a radio Edit and instrumental remix from label boss Murphy on the flip, the guitar and bass lines are stretched out. Putting the orchestral elements into a more central focus. With the added trademark bass thud, recognisable from his own productions – the vocals are held back. Like a two act piece, the second half emphasises the piano line, giving it a repeated airing while the vocal swirls above it.

Payfone may not not be prolific, but their music on this showing is always worth the wait – and we suspect you may just well be hearing from them a little bit more in the next few years.