Hit the flip: B-Sides of records (Part 12)

B-Sides of records | Innate

B-Sides of records – digging deeper into forgotten sounds

It’s always been our mission to champion fresh sources of untapped sounds, and shine a light onto overlooked pieces of music, ever since this blog was started.

One such source of never ending new and often interesting music is tracks which appear on the B-Sides of records: from the era when physical pieces of wax ruled the industry and airwaves. If you’ve ever been attracted to a song in particular, it’s all too easy overlook the inside cut, bonus mix and additional jam which artists and bands were often keen to add: not least because they’re are also easily forgotten about.

However, this is often where the fun begins.

There’s every chance you can stumble on a piece of work that might just have as much value as its A-Sided counterpart, sometimes even more. As we like to say, there’s two sides to every story. so keep on looking and listening.

Have a flick through our latest finds:

Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground ‎– Candy Says (B-Side to I’m Waiting For The Man)

Dead Or Alive ‎– Misty Circles (B-Side to You Spin Me Round)

The Prodigy – Your Love (B-Side to Charly)


Beat Connection – LCD Soundsystem (B-Side to Losing My Edge)

Clio – Feel The Fear (B-Side to Faces)

The Orb, Into the Fourth Dimension- Essences in Starlight (B-Side to Little Fluffy Clouds)