Cartoon corner

Young Marco - Trippy Isolator

Cartoon corner: straight from the strip

From the strip to your screen via a whole bunch of pixels, there’s a lots and lots of great animated cartoon work to feast your eyes on, brought to life by a growing array of talent that continues to push the limits of the pencil, brush and an array of other resources.

Continuing our on-going series Cartoon Corner, we take our pick of some fresh short creations that caught our eyes, and lit a few lights in the window of imagination. We hope you’ll appreciate the effort involved, and take the time to reflect just how much great work there is to shout about.

Rather than stare blankly at your screen (our out the window daydreaming), enjoy this latest strip of cartoon creations as we take in a whole bunch of fun from creators in the Netherlands, France, USA and UK.

Young Marco – Trippy Isolator

Prepare to be mesmerized by this wonderful watercolour led animation made by Netherland’s artist Rop van Mierlo for his fellow countryman and Electronic musician, Young Marco.

Space is Only Noise if You Can See – GOY

Clara Gustafsson aka GOY puts her touch to a visual adaption of a quote by musician Nicolas Jaar. “Space is Only Noise if You Can See” is an interesting flow of shapes and dimensions that gel with precision, set a soundtrack “Chting” from Lucas Fiorella.

Kid-Conceptions – Doug Alberts

Chicago-based animator Doug Alberts explores the importance of maintaining our childlike wonder, through a series of endearing yet funny misconceptions we have about the world when we were young.

The Day After the Party – Diyala Muir

An involving short from London-based artist Diyala Muir, “The Day After the Party” follows a young girl as she relives events from the party and night before whilst wandering home through Brixton market. We’ve all been there in some shape or form.

Ici, là et partout – Sawako Kabuki

Last but not least, this wonderfully funny-yet-tender piece comes from Japanese animator and illustrato,r Sawako Kabuki. A rye reflection of humans and their nature brought together with such a great sense of movement and playfulness.