Cartoon corner

Director Andre Maat bringing wood pieces to life.A selection of new and current work, to fill those blank moments in your day.

Find yourself with 5mins on your hands and nothing to do? Fancy checking out something new for a little bit of inspiration…

We’ve embarked on a little mission to compile new and interesting pieces of animation to save you staring blankly into space or at your screen, and hopefully raise a little smile along the way. From Art students to advert directors, there’s an astounding variety and amount of high quality animated shorts being produced and published, which is just begging to be seen (at least once).

Birder Dash by Max Litvinov

Litvinov’s first animated short, you really wouldn’t have thought so. Not only his style full of colour and fludity, he makes great use of his soundtrack to ramp up the “birdyness”.

Woodoo by Andre Maat

Short but very sweet, dutch based André Maat adds just a little bit of magic to bring some little pieces of wood to life with this terrific stop-motion animation.

Trifling Habits by Sarina Nihei

Rumour has it, Sarina Nihei is a student at the Royal College of Art and that this happens to be her first EVER piece of animation… Chapeau!

Pluto 3000 by Fabio Tonetto

Totally surreal, completely enagaging – this combines the best of expressive art and genius sound design.

A big thank you to Nic Finch for pointing us the direction of the fantastic