Cartoon Corner

Image of a Yellow CabA new selection of cartoons to educate, inform and entertain

It’s the weekend, time to kick back and relax. If like us, you find yourself with some free time to indulge and are looking for some creative inspiration – why not check out our lastest selection of cartoons?

We’re continuing our small but stellar mission to compile new and interesting pieces to save a little time and hopefully provide some inspiration in the process. Why stare blankly into space or at your screen for that matter, when you can be transfixed by some excellent pieces of visual craftsmanship…

This latest set of moving pictures will hopefully raise a smile or give you pause for thought. From the arts to art directors, there’s a fantastic wealth of talent producing a real variety of high quality shorts (or at least we think so).

Still NYC

A super-stylistic view of New York city – Ynon Lan walks around making fantastic little stop-motion pieces by stitching together photographs of things he sees, over and over again.


A very personal view of Nate Milton’s life as he spent three weeks writing down every image or memory that gave him a tingly feeling. The result,  a litany of his stream of consciousness all styled into one animation, recounting his life in an almost blog like fashion.


A kaleidoscope of monsters, animals and other strange creatures. Each figure is made by overlapping felt circles and brought to life by moving, resizing and painting every circle without deforming its perfect shape.

California Inspires Mark Mothersbaugh

A collaboration between Google Play and California Sunday: creative people are interviewed for each episode and an animator creates the visuals. Mark Mothersbaugh leads and is accompanied by Barcelona-based studio, Manson.