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The Happy Drummers – J Balance

A fresh scoop of cartoon fun…

The week has almost drawn to a close (excuse the pun) and as we all wind down and pull the proverbial cork from the bottle, why not make a little room for some animated creations that have caught our eyes and tickled the imagination.

Sailing further down the straights of our small but stellar mission to compile new and less than ordinary work from across the globe, we hope you’ll appreciate the effort and take a little time to reflect on just how much great new creative talent there is out there, hopefully saving you the fate of staring blankly into space, or at a screen. From Japan to Jerusalem, catch up with this latest strip of colourful creations and enjoy the action:

The Power of Apple Keynote

Designer Linda Dong left her job at Apple to travel the world and work on personal projects. Thank god for all of us that she did! Currently based in Tokyo, she has collated this playful short using only Apple’s Keynote app. Genius! Well, we think.

The Happy Drummers – J. Balance

Achieved through a combination of 3D animation and the use of an old printer, the duo of Oleg Morozow and Arkady Kravchouk aka The Happy Drummers have hit upon a moving scape that is pointillist in every sense. Capturing the essence of the grain, the graduates of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem offer an interesting view that goes well beyond the simple joining of dots.

Studio Device – Beyond Tellerrand

A short but sweetly mixed title sequence put together by studio Device for the Beyond Tellerrand design inspiration event features a series of isometric machines to present its list of speakers.

Hiraoka Masanobu

A mind-melting feast for the eyes, Japanese animator, Hiraoka Masanobu expresses his vision of oneness in this spectacular flow of consciousness that is visually arresting as it is clever. Masanobu’s style is highly recognizable yet unpredictable, enticing you in and engendering a deeper seem of reflection.