Cartoon Corner

Gabe Mangold

A selection of freshly squeezed animated works to help fill those quiet moments

In need of a break, find yourself at a loose-end and fancy checking out something fun for a little bit of inspiration?

We’re continuing our small but stellar mission to compile new and interesting pieces of animation – to save you all the hard work and avoid staring blankly into space: or at your screen for that matter. This latest set of moving pictures will hopefully raise a smile or help you pause for thought at any rate. From Art students to advert directors, there’s a fantastic wealth of talent producing a variety of high quality animated shorts being, which deserve far greater attention.

Hand Drawn Animation by Gabe Mangold

Nothing short of genius, this incredibly dense yet engaging piece from US based artists Gabe Mangold is fresh as it ever so slightly unnerving. A music video for the song, Girl Seizure” by Last Ex – he captures life and cycles of thereof in a most unique way.

Looping Doodles by Drew Tyndell

Short but sweet, Nashville-based illustrator Drew Tyndell has been concocting some cool experiments with shapres, colour and loops. Filled full of fun and quirky sounds – sometimes, less is more. Who are we to argue?

Stop-motion Animations by Simon Gerbaud

Silent yet deadly, this is stop-motion animation of objects slowly disintegrating and piecing themselves back together again. From old hair dryers to shoes and porcelain figures, the Frenchman’s technique is mesmerising.

Socialist Circle by Pansak Sakpiboonrat

Absurdist animation from Pansak Sakpiboonrat – there’s something ever so Pythonesquw about this whilst retaining all the panache and originality. Work of this quality doesn’t come along every day.