Cartoon Corner

Daniel Britt's "Dead Inside"

Freshly drawn cartoon capers

As it felt like high time to go fishing around for some newly animated creations to add to our growing series that is formally known as “Cartoon Corner”, here we are again with a small but stellar compilation of less than ordinary work from across the globe.

We hope you’ll appreciate the effort of the makers involved, and take a little time to reflect on just how much great new creative talent there is out there. Rather than suffer the fate of staring blankly into space, or at a screen for that matter – enjoy this latest collection as we flit between works from France, the U.K., Japan and Belgium.

“Human Repeat” by Miracle de Mille

Creative duo Miracle de Mille from Lyon, France make the most of embroidered textiles to piece together a simple yet brilliantly clever animated loop that cycles perfectly – inducing both wonder and hypnosis. Coupled with some excellent music, this piece is minimal but yet somehow adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

“I’m Dead Inside” by Daniel Britt

A tongue and cheek pastiche of modern life cooked up by London-based animator Daniel Britt, this quirkily expressive tale of one man’s life can’t but help make you chuckle and somewhat depressed at the same time. All chalked out with some silly yet catchy pop, you can see why it got Vimeo’s seal of approval.

“Reimage” by Ryan Lin

The fairly unknown Ryan Lin interprets his own vision of a kaleidoscope as “Reimage” plays with a relatively simple pattern that continually bobs and weaves like a “next level” etch a sketch into a series of increasingly more complex sequences – mesmerising material that holds the attention and to say the least.

“A Dog’s Life” by Pieter Vandenabeele

Superbly written and acutely observed tale of life (and their dog) from Belgium animator Pieter Vandenabeele, recounting how us humans fill our days.