Innate Playlist 001: Classic UK Electronica & Techno

Chris & Cosey - Dancing ghosts

Immerse yourself in 33 UK Electronica & Techno classics


Courtesy of youtube, we’ve been digging in and around the digital crates of classic UK Electronica & Techno. After several weeks cogitation and a bit of debate with fellow friends, our very first Innate Youtube playlist has finally come together, comprising of 33 tracks – all of which were made on these shores.

Given our leaning towards Techno and a taste for music that should stand the test of time, it felt only natural to pay hommage to the likes of B12, Black Dog, Aphex Twin, U-Zig, LFO, Nexus 6, Stasis and quite a few more…

As we’re open to suggestion for future listening lists – do get in touch if you like what you hear and would like to join in the fun.

Until then, you’ll find the Innate Youtube channel here.