Sacre Bleu! C’est Pépé Braddock

Pépé Braddock - Burning

Pépé Braddock – Thumbing through the works of an artist who can

Every now and again, somethings in life just need to be and exist as a sheer indulgence in their own right. When it comes to one such artist who simply excels at being themself, Pépé Braddock is a man who can, and does.

Born somewhere in the banlieu of Paris, the multi-talented DJ, producer and remixer began his musical career by learning guitar at the age of 14. Through playing with various Jazz Funk bands, he entered the fray performing with various Hip Hop bands and evolved to producing his first tracks for them. With the nascent rave scene getting ever larger around him, he found himself immersed in Techno and House music – turning his hand to electronic experimentation out of curiosity. The ensuing results were soon released on BPM Records under the ‘Trankilou’ monike, before changing his name to Pepe Bradock.

With influences ranging from Jazz to Dub Reggae, his hypnotic production style has never followed any particular direction or trend, simply finding itself in that sweet spot that fills the speaker with mesmerising aplomb, leaving you in need of another tasty morsel. In honour of his extensive celebration of all things Pépé, we’ve amassed a short selection of works that offer a quick insight into the maestro’s world:

The Naked Shrink


Roy Ayers – I Am Your Mind Pt.2 (Pépé Bradock Rmx)


Pépé Bradock – Mouth (Brad Peep’s Remix For Friends)