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Cartoon corner: off the strip

From pen & ink, simple brush strokes, masses of moving pixels to pieces of metal – not to mention the odd cut out, there’s many a way to bring animation to life (or cartoons as we like to call them).

With more talent than ever bursting with ideas to make their vision a moving reality, you won’t find a shortage of engaging content that’ll light up your screen. Continuing our on-going series, we pick out some of the latest animated shorts that caught the eye.

We hope you’ll appreciate the craft and love that goes into all of these pieces of work, and reflect on just how much talent there is to shout about, as we jump into a whole bunch of fun from cartoon creators based in the UK, USA, Germany, and Mexico.

Thom Yorke – Volk

Taken from Suspiria (music for the Luca Guadagnino Film), Radiohead man Yorke drafts in the talents of Bristol based Ruffmercy who injects a 2-tone explosion of pink and blue as you follow the paths and journeys through what feels like the streets of NYC.

Gung-Kai Koo – Number Who

Marvel at this set of numerical observations from designer and animator Gung-Kai Koo. Taking Inspiration from the shapes we encounter on a daily basis, he draws attention to outlines of numbers through this series of animated gifs.

Billion One – All Of You

Hamburg-based illustrator Sebastian König shows off his skills, animating “All Of You” for this sweet piece of music from Billion One.  Simple yet satisfying, he joins the dots between the in and outer experience of life, set to slow moving frame speeds, with the whole concept inspired by the whistle and crowd sample from the song’s ending.

Primal Feelings – Welcome to the Sun

A charming pop art inspired animation for Indie band Primal Feelings, made by Mexican artist Daniel Barreto and Paula Palomar. “Welcome to the Sun” features over 1200 frames, enhanced with markers, aluminium and other random materials.

LUC – Glow

Rich colours aplenty and sharp pulsing lines sum this debut video and single from Los Angeles-based duo LUC, brought to life by New York-based artist/animation director Vincenzo Lodigiani.