Cartoon corner

Cartoon corner: shooting from the strip

There are multiple means of animating characters to bring them to life.

It’s all about making masses of pixels move: from traditional hand drawings patiently etched and shot frame-by-frame, to cut out pieces of card, the mixing of acrylics and inks to the slightly more modern machinations involving the manipulation of graphics on a computer screen. Whatever bent you follow, there’s never been more avenues for talent bursting with ideas to make their vision a reality.

Continuing our on-going series, we pick out some of the latest animations that caught the attention. We hope you’ll appreciate the love and sheer level of effort that goes into these pieces of work as we focus on a bunch of cartoon based fun from creators based in Portugal, UK, Netherlands, France and the USA:

Surma – Wanna Be Basquiat

Portuguese artist and animator João Pombeiro follows an abstract narrative about industrial and suburban development, the dream of prosperity and its resulting destructive force. Made using hundreds of clippings from vintage images and film, there is something deeply engaging about this experimental work that carries echoes of the mighty Terry Gilliam.

Max Cooper – Parting Ways

Maxime Causeret joins forces with Max cooper for this ‘Parting Ways’, telling the story of creation via endless division. Starting from a very simple element making it split, again and again in to more complex structures. As the sequence builds, the universe splits into multiverses that loop back on themselves. Devastatingly effective, this dazzling creation draws you in repeatedly.

Inktober – Nico Piccirilli

Motion designer and illustrator Nico Piccirilli creates this fun piece based on his participation in Inktober — a challenge that involves creating one drawing a day for the month of October. He went on to combine each one into this seamless short sequence, complete with music and sound design by Facundo Capece and Lola Richter.

Atelier Zorbel – Luna park

The secret life of bugs and insects comes to light in this finely shaped stop motion short as Atelier Zorbel stamp out their vision of the night and what goes on out in the bush, putting an inventive and playful twist on the use of copper wire.

Chemical Brothers – “Out of Control” (remixed)

Drew Tyndell from Portland collaborate with designer Jimmy Turrell and Katie Gib to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Chemical Brothers album release, “Surrender”.  Bringing a new version of their hit single “Out of Control” remixed by The Avalanches to the fold, the hazy mix of printwork and colourfully weaved textures tells the story of love, dancing and letting go – a homage to the British rave culture of the ‘90s.