Aril Brikha – Dance of a Trillion Stars – Mule Music

Aril Brika returns with his first LP in 13 years ‘Dance of a Trillion Stars’

Aril Brikha is no newcomer to electronic music scene. Born in Tehran, he and grew up and lived in Stockholm for many years and is now resident in Berlin. He first captured the hearts and minds of house and techno enthusiasts the world over at the end of the 90s. With the helping hand of Derrick May, his finely tuned, deep-sighted melodic futurism exploded onto the scene.

Steeped in the best traditions of the motor city, Brikha takes his cues and influences from the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242, Jean-Michel Jarre, Robert Hood and Underground Resistance – his sound always tacking between straight up club tracks and unwinding arrangements.

In recent times, his output has all but been static.”Dance of a Trillion Stars” is his first album release in 13 years to be precise on Mulemusic. But, you’ll not be surprised to hear it’s as every bit as starshot and brimming with intergalactic tones as you’d expect. Over 8 tracks, the Swedish producer ambles through a sumptuous mixture of gentle soundscapes, minimalist styled composition and trademark warmth that comes together in blissfull technicolor. With very little aimed at the dancefloor, it’s an album that is arguably the better for it. Demonstrating his love for slow, trance-inducing composition – he strikes a chord in this latest LP that is pretty much perfect for late night listening and meditative moments.

With the opening arpeggiated roll of ‘A Cautious Gaze’, Brikha sets a somewhat serious tone which is short lived and counterbalanced by the creeping freeze of ‘Forward Motion’. The title track ‘Dance of a Million Stars’ shines through, capturing the essence of celestial bodies emitting their radiance in the night sky. The long expanse of ‘Thru My Sober Eyes’ gives some pause for thought as it reaches climax.

As the intensity ramps up again through the pulses of ‘A Lifetime Ago’, ‘Everything Was Here First’ delicately restores order filling the higher end of the sonic spectrum. The subtle counterpoints of ‘Thrive on Chaos’ find their spaces between them, giving way to the only beat driven track in ‘She’s my Everything’.

An album for dreamers that love to get lost in a contemporary musical journey. The record explores the space of sound with a human touch. Call it what you like – ‘Dance Of A Trillion Stars’ brings an experience to the soul as Brikha prepares you for his next excursion.