Plej… deeper sounds from Sweden

A dig through the small but perfectly polished catalogue of Plej

Plej (pronounced play) are one of those lesser known electronic music acts that emerged in the noughties, that may well have passed you and many other music heads by. Once you stumble across their languid genius, they’ll quite probably leave you wanting more.

The brainchild of two brothers Arvid and Erik Niklasson from Gothenburg (Sweden), their music is the epitome of lovingly knit, jazz-tinged electronics that ooze warmth and deliciousness – barely ever moving above 110bpm in tempo, perfect for late night listening and hazy afternoons. The brothers first hit their stride when Plej came to life as a short lived label project. Consisting of a very limited edition 12″ in 2000, PLEJ001 is a sought after record that commands quite a hefty fee in the collectors market.

After their initial 4 track EP, the Niklasson brothers pricked the attention of London based “Exceptional” who gave them a home, releasing the remainder of their output until 2008. Without a doubt, their debut album “Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast” in 2003 remains a shining exemplar of their work. Finding themselves nominated for a Swedish grammy in 2004.

Whilst little information exists about what followed on from them, their output is a real delight and worth exploring. Especially if you’re a fan of the sounds of Schmoov, Jazzanova, I:Cube and Paper Recordings output and are in need of something on the lighter side, to get you through bleaker times.

Lay of The Land




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