On Video


New music and videos that caught our attention

When you stop to think about the quantity of new music and the quality of creative work that goes into the videos that get put online every day, your head might just start to spin.

It’s why we started this feature really, and no – not to try and watch it all. By focusing on small selection of new music and videos that deserve at least some of your attention, the hope is that you might just find a little bit more inspiration from some of the nice things we’ve seen.

However you choose to watch is your call: be it via stream or beamed – here’s a roundup of some of new music and videos we discovered, and wanted to share.

Beach House – Drunk in LA

American dream pop duo Beach House cook up some trippy visuals for their latest track “Drunk in LA”- courtesy of Courtesy of Sonic Boom and Nuno Jardim. Filmed in Portugal, the story recounts a waking dream by Sonic Boom.

Youssoupha – Polaroid Experience

Congolese rapper Youssoupha’s drops Polaroid Experience, directed an by Paris-based director James F. Coton who’s smooth touch and film noir influences shine through and in this slick cut.

Idles – Great

Bristol-based filmmaker Theo Watkins plumps for a huge slice of British nostalgia as hometown heros “Idles” lament the current state of affairs in this latest jam. You can almost smell like a fry-up and taste like your fourth pint.

Don Fredrick – Hot Soup

If lots of charming little characters stitched together in eye catching colours and amusing sequences float your boat, then this video for Don Fredrick’s “Hot Soup” by Chicago-based animator and illustrator Shane Beam will most definitely raise a smile.