On Video

A fresh selection of new music and videos

If you stop and think about the sheer quantity and quality of creative work that get published online everyday, your head might just start to spin.

It’s why we started this feature really. By picking through a small selection of work that deserves at least some of your attention, we hope you might find a little more inspiration.

Whether it’s being streamed or beamed to your devices, here’s a round up of some of fresh music and videos we discovered and wanted to share:

Baasch feat. Mary Komasa – Dare To Take

Straight out of Warsaw, the combination of photographer/director Bartek Wieczorek and cinematographer Kajetan Plis come together to express their shared love of 16mm film in this moodily shot, highly atmospheric video for Baasch.

Tyler, The Creator – OKRA

Directed by Wolf Haley aka Tyler, The Creator himself, while you could argue this is all style and no substance – the short collection of scenes keep you involved. Either way, we like the way the man rolls.

GoGo Penguin – Bardo

‘Bardo’ refers to the traditional Tibetan belief in the rebirth of the spirit after death. This video follows the karmic journey taken from the point this man’s body draws its final breath to when his next form is determined. A flowing metamorphosis brought together through the clever use of light and shadow.

Rone – Origami

This wonderful riot of colour, full of animated shapes and beings takes a life of its own as you journey through their universe. Directed by the collective of Klub Simon, you can’t but stop and admire the vibrancy this emits.