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Binkbeats - "In dust, In us"
A selection of new music and videos

It’s that time again…

When you traverse the continuum of space and time that is the internet, it’s hard to stop being amazed by the quality and quantity of new music and video material that gets uploaded and beemed to our devices. It’s pretty staggering really.

Here’s a short round up of some of the latest video work we found worth sharing:

Bobby James III – Dislocation

South African lyricist, rapper and producer Bobby James III fronts his latest video for “Dislocation” – a well thought out one-take shoot that sees him wandering through an empty building, an atmospheric maze that twists and turns, before he discovers a flash of genius.

Thunder Tillman – Alignments

Filmmaker Mario Hugo and designer Johnny Lee from multi-disciplinary creative studio Hugo & Marie in New York  work together to marry sound, light and shapes in this mesmerizingly short video for Swedish multi-instrumentalist, Thunder Tillman. Pure trippy indulgence.

Binkbeats – In Dust / In Us

A visual exploration of the chemistry between two forces. Expert musician Binkbeats latest video is the result of months of tests and experiments involving rice paper, string, condensed milk, food colouring and a series of mirrors. Put together by Amsterdam-based filmmaker Rogier van der Zwaag, everything was carefully captured and choreographed inside a fish tank.

Chelou – Damned Eye See

A wonderfully wavy animated video for London based artist Chelou’s “Damned Eye See” created by Jesse Collett. The soft feel and edge to the characters, along with the watery colour palette fit well with the ambience conjured up.