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NX Worries - Sidepiece

A selection of releases and new music videos

It’s pretty easy to get swamped by the sheer quantity of new music and vidoes that get uploaded everyday. Whether they’re being streamed or beamed to your devices, check out and enjoy a quick round up of some of the latest new videos that we found worth sharing, and that deserve your attention:

Jamie XX – “Gosh”

Acclaimed director Romain Gavras creates this stunning piece for Jamie XX’s “Gosh”. Although the release already had an initial video, Gavras chose to gift him another one! Believe it or not, there is no CGI or 3D effects here, just a 400-person cast and a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Tianducheng (China). Clever stuff.

NxWorries – “Sidepiece”

Check out the Los Angeles-based duo NxWorries perform live for Stones Throw as they get a daisy age remake for 2017 from Ross Harris with a visual remixed by Bristol’s very own visual whizz kid Ruffmercy.

JMII – “Bailar”

Minimal style, maximal impact is the best way to describe this hypnotic video for JMII’s track “Bailar” – conceived and cut in a Barcelona based studio by Dedo Ciego.

Newman Wolf – “Computer”

Filmmaker and photographer Ezra Ewen makes his latest captivating creation for Newman Wolf’s track “Computer”. Incorporating a neat take on photomontage and film, the subtle rhythm and texture to this piece is unique in every sense.