The Nuclear Family – After Effects [EP] – The Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family EP - centre sticker

New label from Glasgow heads  Tom Churchill & Laurence Hughes, aka The Nuclear Family.

When your roots form part of a branch of Glasgow’s electronic music scene and you have quite musically distinguished catalogues between you. As a statement of intent, it’s always refreshing to hear that none of it matters when it comes to establishing a new project.

The Nuclear Family is a collaboration between Tom Churchill and Laurence Hughes, who for the past year have been shacked up in a tiny studio, doing what they do best. The result of their dual creative voodoo and knowhow all rolled into one, “After Effects” is quite simply a fresh yet classical take on House, Techno and classy Electronica – crafted with a lot of love and attention to detail.

Comprising of 4 varied tracks, “After Effects” limbers up at a slow canter – the soothingly spacious title track making full use of Marvin Gaye’s pied piperesque vocal snippet, taken from the intro of “After The Dance”. Flicking forward to housier climes, “Give Yourself To Me” continues in a similar warm vein: swung beats, flicked keys and the deft use of a 303 all brought together by a repetitive husky chant. Picking up the pace, “Blind Spot” is a clear ode to Chi-town – jacked up beats meeting a mayday style flange that gives way to a heavy sounding raw-edged bass, countered with jazzed out chords. Ending with the lusciously lazy tones of “Mind’s Eye”, you find yourself sat somewhere between Manuel Göttsching, Ian O’Brien and a slice of fudge cake – what more could you ask for?

Released and distributed by Rubadub sometime in June, the EP will also be available at a few choice digital outlets thereafter. With plenty more where this came from, you’ll do well to keep tabs on whatever this pair choose to serve up next.