Hot off the press: Morgan Geist

Morgan Geist - Megaprojects

Post new disco-tinged excursions under his Galleria alias, Morgan Geist returns to his native ground of Environ with a full bodied four track tribute to his roots.

Tracing his steps back to where it all began, namely the cities of Detroit and Chicago – Geist explores his fascination of building and construction in a vision that embraces as much of the skyline of future as it does with the present.

Opening the EP with “Darkstar”, his typeset brilliance takes form in tight machinist groove that teases you with 80s leaning synth brass sounds and subtle acidic tones: interspersed with layers of sparkling melody that cut back and fore to a moment at midnight, straight from the motor city. “Trackstar” offers a stripped back version of the title track, depositing a crystal like sequence that tops a bleepy two note bassline that reverberates straight from the colder edges of the darkened corners of a mighty warehouse.

On the flipside, “The Idiot Track” sees Geist compiling retro tinged sounds once again, melding a stack of cheap synthy brass into a jacking bit of house in line with his school of Chicago influences. “Clarence” closes the set with calm and sophisticated – a deep bassline chugging along under atmospheric pads.

As ever, there’s nothing here to disappoint.