B-Sides (Part 6): Forgotten gems, a lost art?

B Sides of Records | InnateGetting deep and down with B-Sides

For a good while, we’ve been charting a small mission to delve a little deeper into a whole new untapped source of sounds, B-Sides of records to be precise.

With a view to shedding light and championing those lesser heard pieces of music that even the musicians themselves might have given up on. We’re continuing our short but sweet selective series, aimed at unearthing forgotten flipsides that seem to have gained a certain appeal that was all too easily overlooked.

Take a browse through this fresh pack of six and see what you find:

Paul McCartney – McCartney II: Secret Friend (B-Side to Temporary Secretary)

The Orb, Into the Fourth Dimension – Essenes in Starlight (B-Side to Little Fluffy Clouds)

Freeez – We Got The Jazz (B-Side to I.O.U.)

U2 – Endless Deep (B-Side to Sunday, Bloody Sunday)


808 State – Cobra Bora (B-Side to Pacific State)

DJ Die – Play It for Me (B-Side to Ronnie Size’s Jazzy)