Cartoon corner

Simon Appel - Waveform

Cartoon corner: off the strip

From pencil to cut outs, brush strokes to masses of moving pixels – not to mention the odd bit of plasticine, there’s many ways to make great cartoons come to life.

With more talent bustling than ever with ideas to make their vision a moving reality, you won’t find a shortage of engaging work that also brightens up your screen.

Continuing with our on-going series Cartoon Corner, we hit our 10th edition where we take our pick of the latest animated shorts (cartoons) that caught the eye, not to mention set a few sparks flying in out minds. We hope you’ll appreciate the craft and love that goes into these endeavours, and reflect on just how much talent there is to shout about.

So, rather than stare blankly at the void that is your screen, enjoy this latest strip of cartoon creations as we take in fun from creators in Canada, USA, Sweden, Costa Rica and Isreal.

More – Wanderlust

Brought to you from the wonderful studio that is Wanderlust from Halifax in Canada, this is a lovingly made animation based on a poem by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass. Exploring the spectrum of emotions in everyday life, you can’t help but feel a little bit touched.

Jules Guerin animates Josiah Steinbrick

Set to music by Los Angeles-based composer Josiah Steinbrick, Jules Guerin of folklore fame craftily cuts together this evolution of shapes that mould their way together to fit the mood quite satisfyingly.

Waveform – Simon Appel

Drawn to testing unconventional methods, Simon Appel (one half of directing duo Part One) uses his iPad to greatly colourful effect as he makes bold colours morph around his waveform driven sound collages.

Cow Palace – Julian Gallese

Getting back to basics, Julian Gallese injects a heap of play, youthful naivety and quirky characters into this left of centre home-made jam. Fun times.

Close the Shutters – Ynon Lan

An captivating mix of still photography, stop motion and rotoscope animation, Israeli animator Ynon Lan shares his personal experiences and explores the way we remember our loved ones.