Hot off the press: Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis - Tradition No 3

Freerotation family member Tom  Ellis joins fellow friends UntilMyHeartStops for their latest release ‘Tradition No 3’

With UntilMyHeartStops notching up a fine collection of releases which includes material from label boss Leif and friends Steevio, Duckett, Arnaldo, Deviere and Martinou. It seems fitting that the label’s 12th release comes courtesy of another close friend, Tom Ellis.

Serving up a serious selection of loosely reared jazz-infused ambient techno, he summons up some serious vibrations from deep beyond the delta nebula – in line with the label’s philosophy of consistently delivering music that sits well beyond the conventional realms of house and techno.

In this latest missive, Ellis captivates the mood and vibe with a stellar 4 track transmission. The collection of music serves as an opportunity for him to move across a techno-inflected space, without losing his take on the evocative minimalist shades he has is so adept at conjuring up.  Stirring into action with the tribal pulses of “The Wave Function”, Ellis gentle balances machine tinged layers with an organic edge the gently pulls you in. The subtle sway of “Solastalgia” hinges around a snake like rhythm and bassline that could easily go on for days, without you ever feeling out of place.

“The Unavoidable Consequence Of You” leans much more in a feisty party jam that finds Ellis giving a nod towards the hedonistic tones of Soundstream and Matthew Herbert in sample mode. Last but not least, title track “Tradition No 3” sprawls brilliantly into life with a tripped out chords and sparkling jazz-handed percussion that is unique to the Ellis repertoire.