Innate playlist 013: KaySoul selects deep house sounds from South Africa

Johannesburg-based DJ ‘KaySoul’ selects 33 tracks of the finest South African electronic sounds

Known as KaySoul to deep house connaiseurs, Katlego Matseke is a Johannesburg-based DJ and producer who’s been making waves in both national and international circles – after winning best ‘Male DJ’ and ‘Remixer’ categories at the 2018 South African Dance Music Awards.

Hailing from Johanessburg, Katlego grew up in township called Kwa-thema which is located in the East Rand of Johannesburg. Growing up with the sounds of House, Bubble Gum and Kwaito on the radio at home and in the neighbourhood, he quickly got into taping songs and making compilations of music that really moved him – just so he could listen again. Not bad for a kid who was still in his 5th grade of primary school.

As a youngster, Katlego was always one for moving to his own beat: banging anything he could find to create his own rhythms – as he puts it “I always knew I have this love for anything rhythmic”. In 2010, he was introduced to FL Studio 8 by a friend who showed him around using the programme and as they say, the rest is history.

A key player in the next generation of producers bubbling under and making killer beats, we thought he would the perfect player to reach out to and curate our next playlist. As well as put a few questions to:

How are things going over there right now with the whole COVID-19 situation?

“We were in level 1 recently and events were back up and running, artists were going to shows. But this year in June, COVID cases started to rise and the South African government had to lock us down again. Taking us back to level 4, which resulted in events being prohibited (I guess it’s an opportunity to be more creative in the studio and sharpen my craft).”

Coming back to yourself though, when and how did you discover Electronic music?

“I came across electronic music around 2005 through collecting compilations which were compiled by one of the South Africa’s pivotal artists and DJ’s. And also radio played a huge part in making me to discover this kind of music.”

Who would you say is your biggest influence?

“Larry Heard has been a huge influence to me, for sure.”

What were your first experiences of going to club/parties?

“They were definitely fun and interesting! I’d always wanted to be exposed to the culture and environment of the music and see first hand how a dj handles the crowd with music selection.”

When did you decide to first start DJing?

“I first started to have a go back in 2012.”

Why is the sound of deep house so popular in South Africa?

“Deep House is really popular in South Africa because we are first and foremost a dance nation will all stems from Kwaito, a South African genre of music which is a slowed pitch style that lends itself well to the flow of house. I guess the music found a home here because it has a certain soul South Africans connect to.”

Would you say the music community is close knit and supportive of each other?

“For sure, the music community here is really supportive, we have a whole mentorship programme on how artists can develop themselves”.

When it comes to making music, do you have any particular rules you like follow or do just go with the flow?

“I’d say my approach is not the same every time… like some days I’ll start by writing chords or a melody, and other days I might just start with composing drums”.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

“I’m working on new music as much as I can. I am working on a whole new set of collabs with artists, all who come from different musical backgrounds. It’s a whole journey of exploration right now”.

Tell us more about your selections for the playlist:

“I’ve selected music that I enjoy listening to whilst keeping myself busy with home chores and I’ve also picked a whole bunch of tracks I love to play in my DJ sets. The playlist weaves together the music ranging from house, deep house, afro house and jazzy funk”.