Innate Playlist 011: Original German electronic sounds selected by baze.djunkiii (Intrauterin Recordings)

An exciting sonic tapestry of 33 German electronic music productions selected by baze.djunkiii

DJ, Producer, Label Manager, Writer, Record Collector, Documentalist, Glitch Artist, Eclecticist and Youtube creator, these are just some of the terms that provide a brief description of baze.djunkiii’s full on journey through a life dedicated to music and art. As you can guess, there’s always more to it than being just a DJ.

Also the driving force behind the long standing blog nitestylez, he’s been addicted to electronic music since the late 80s and has always been one for championing original DJ culture in terms of vinyl, crate digging, whitelabels and dubplates: a classic setup of two turntables and a mixer being his weapon of choice to rock a crowd .

Influenced by the sound of Depeche Mode, AcidHouse and NuBeat alongside all Techno and the many Breakbeat derivatives that followed in the 90s, baze.djunkiii bought his first records in 1990 and stepped into the public light in 1997.

Having headlined and played shows alongside artists from across the spectrum such as Air Liquide, Grooverider, Panacea, Shackleton, Digital Mystikz, La Peste, Mixmaster Morris, Asmus Tietchens, Aaron Spectre, Ikonika, Frittenbude, Tanith and Aquasky. He’s played at raves and radioshows all over Germany and further afield in cities like Athens, Thessaloniki as well as in Atlanta and Portland in the US. He’s always been at the very forefront of the musical spectrum, putting an emphasis on timeless quality instead of short-lived trends or endless clones of the latest hype.

With the knowledge of an excessive vinyl collector as well as the experience of being a record dealer for 20+ years behind the counter of Hamburg’s famous Otaku Records – we couldn’t think of a better person to ask about compiling a playlist of German made electronic music for us. After all, his deep understanding of the scene and niche structures define what his sets are all about – quality [electronic] music.

Enjoy our latest selection of 33 cuts: