Eluize returns to Craigie Knowes to release her second album “Gone”

Australian artist and all rounded talent Eluize returns to Craigie Knowes to deliver another poignantly crafted 8-track LP ‘Gone’, capturing her incisive knack for balancing hauntingly tinged melody with cutting tones: affirming again that she’s an artist who is well and truly finding her creative stride.

Having put herself on the map over the last 5 years through creating a spectrum of house and techno – the Australian born, Berlin based DJ/Producer/Live performer’s output spans from the dubby and spacious, to rave inspired euphoria with a full dose of acid, shot with a certain infectious songful sensibility that’s hard to ignore.

Whereas her previous LP ‘Confide’ explored the lighter end of her range, bringing sunkist sounds to the fore amidst hazy vocals and trance inducing electronics. As a body of work, ‘Gone’ seems to transition with a foreboding outlook. Embracing a darker almost uneasy outlook that certainly reflects the times we find ourselves living through. She moves effortlessly across a gamut of influences, continuing to display her mastery of composition, production and vocal prowess in all its intricacy. Whilst giving a deft nod to the sounds of early 90s indie that ruled apache when the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Primal Scream filled the airwaves.

Although the opening invitation of ‘Ennui’ is upbeat in outlook, the urgent pulse and distorted kick of ‘Relinquish’ quickly redraws the line with a sombre flow that neatly segues into the crisp paranoia tweakings of ‘Wasn’t ready’. Without losing nerve, ‘Hideway’drops the tempo and introduces a breakbeat to reinforce the mood. The heavy bass and FM tones of ‘Supposed’ increase the intensity as she reaches climax before the twinkling tones of ‘Enervation’ bring the 6 tracked vinyl version to a fitting conclusion. You’ll need to head to Bandcamp to enjoy 2 additional interludes which the 12″ version gives away via an A5 insert. If Eluize’s latest take on synthesis, drum programming, mixing and original vocals are anything to go by, expect to hear a lot more from her.