Innate Playlist 010: Electronic explorations from Finland selected by Timo (Deeprhythms)

Digging into Finland’s finest electronic excursions courtesy of Deeprhythms and Echocentric boss Timo

When you think of Scandinavian electronic music, Sweden and Norway are often touted as focal points for lovers of Techno and Deep House. Not least, because the music and artists that spring from both countries have been given a lot of airtime and written about over the last two decades. However, look a little further across the arc to Finland and you’ll find there’s a whole lot more music that meets the ear from the frozen North.

Started in 2001, is a blog and mix-site run by Timo. Hailing from Helsinki, the site has become a burgeoning  archive of hundreds of hours of deep underground electronic music mixed by resident and guest DJs from across the spectrum.

Having founded his own imprint Echocentric and recently launched a new label coop Coymix LTD, Timo is a busy man on a mission – furnishing music lovers with his vision of futuristic machine driven breaks and euphoric electronica for the next generation.

With over two decades of collecting records and djing behind him, his deep knowledge of music spans far and wide. Giving us all the more reason to request his selecting skills for Innate’s 10th playlist. As you’ll experience, there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye and ear to Finland’s electronic music community. We hope you’ll enjoy the immersion.