Call Super – Cherry Drops: Part One – Can You Feel The Sun

Artist, producer and DJ Call Super hits us with their latest release, comprising of a two part EP titled ‘Cherry Drops’

Artist, producer and DJ Call Super hits us with their latest release, comprising of two EPs titled ‘Cherry Drops’ (Part One and Two).

Amounting to the third and fourth releases on the label they co-founded with DJ and producer Parris – Can You Feel The Sun. The recordings were started around the time they were working on a larger project called ‘Tell Me I Didn’t Choose This’, which also coincided with a period of deep reflection in their life and lead to some profound self-discovery in the process.

Featuring a series of compositions, which impressively use a self-made instrument called an Epi-Harp, as well as the more traditional tones of the clarinet, piano and percussion. The musical work was also accompanied by a collection of paintings, two of which have been used for the covers.

Blooming forth with the crystalising sketches of ‘Eye Wide Flow’ on Side A – a delightfully light-footed sketch whose melodies move and mutate at speed with elegance and grace that will bring a smile to even the most ardent of Autechre fans. Accompanied with the simply gorgeous ‘Bodiesinheaven I’ (and arguably the star of the show in our humble opinion), Super dials up the Detroit influences fully to +11 as gentle off-beats tease in the classically stringed melodies, akin to the styled works of Rhythm is Rhythm and Carl Craig. Before injecting their own modernist take that simply makes you stop in your tracks and begs repeated play.   

Over on the flipside, the title tune ‘Cherry Drops’ heads boldly towards the stacks of UK soundsystem grooves and culture with lilting dub influences aplenty, as if Thomas Fehlmann stepped out of the comfort zone and injected a healthy dose of Ital Rockers in the mix good measure – all whilst keeping Super’s own vision firmly at the forefront.

Whilst the music was born out of a distraction from painful reflections and recollections – we’re all the more richer for the lived experience that brings moments like this to life.