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Since getting this blog off the ground and onto the web, we last looked at radio listening recommendations a couple of years ago – and boy, things have grown.

Whilst it’s rare to be short of anything to put on the stereo: you may well have an ever growing stack of records piling up and across the floor, digital downloads bloating your inbox, not to mention streaming services straight to your phone. You could be forgiven for forgetting about radio as we’re pretty spoiled for choice.

If you fancy adding a bit of this ‘old school’ medium to your listening list, here’s some outlets that are on the Innate dial that always go down well come afternoon coffee-time.

A good old fashioned FM show on WYNU from New York hosted by Tim Sweeney.

Berlin Community Radio is home to shows covering a variety of topics: art, music, culture, relationships, queer politics, literature readings, feminism discussions, gender and internet phenomenons. is a station borne of an urgent need for a community-run platform focusing on alternative music and culture in India. In order to serve the community’s needs and help it thrive, they offer a carefully-mined perspective on India’s emergent musical and cultural scenes.

Clocktower productions is a non-profit art institution working in visual arts, performance, music, and radio. Founded in 1972 in Lower Manhattan by MoMA – you can get fill your boots with the full spectrum of the weird and wonderful.

Dublab is a non-profit, radio station dedicated to the growth of music, arts and culture. They’ve been broadcasting from Los Angeles since 1999, sharing freeform radio transmissions with an international audience.

The radio arm of online magazine, covering all the dots between electronic music, fashion and culture.

Long standing DJ and respected label owner, who curates music, features, and the legendary “Worldwide Family Mixtape” DJ mix series, syndicated weekly to radio stations around the world.

Not for profit, community radio station broadcasting house, dub, funk, jazz, hip hop, soul, techno and more from the back streets of Leeds.

With so many good shows to check, you can listen in live or jump straight back to regular slots from Alexander Nutt, Adrian Sherwood, Andrew Weatherall, Danielle, Eclair Fifi, Fourtet, Henry Wu, Jon K, Illum Sphere, Optimo, Ruf Dug, Shanti Celeste, Trevor Jackson

Community based station broadcasting straight out of Peckham, this is very much a family friendly vibe made of shows from DJs and Artists based in their local community.

Both a local and international music platform based in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, since 2010 they’ve been broadcasting daily shows from  a wide range of artists, collaborating with festivals, museums and other cultural partners from across the world.