Label Focus – Track Mode

Track Mode Recordings - New York City

Sounds from the New Your Underground … digging into the library of Brett Dancer’s ‘Track Mode’ imprint

After first hearing the nascent sounds of Chicago house back in 1986 while he attended Western Michigan University, Brett Dancer took his first steps into the world of music that would lead him to working alongside Jay Denham and Fanon Flowers.

Deciding to leave the Midwest, he traded in nearby Chicago and Detroit for New York in late 1993 as the allure of city’s nightlife and underground culture offered a haven for his vision. Upon arriving in New York, he built on the production experience gained in Kalamazoo under Jay Denham’s tutelage, starting his own label – Track Mode.

Led by his own personal vision and taste, Dancer began releasing raw sounding cuts that infused both soul and stripped back use of samples. Heavily influenced by both Chicago and Detroit, he began forging a path and reputation that brought him to work alongside the likes of Anthony Shakir, Larry Heard, Alton Miller, Boo Williams, Rick Wade, and Theo Parrish.

In addition to providing an outlet for quality house music, Dancer has also earned substantial respect in the decades to come among the house community for his own productions (most of which feature on Track Mode), along with an excellent contribution to Mike Grant’s Moods & Grooves.

Easily overlooked, the Track Mode catalogue is one of the gifts that keeps on giving, which is why we’ve put together a selection of tracks to open your ears and let you appreciate Dancer’s unique take:

Brett Dancer – Yo Luv

Shake – Get a Feeling

Larry Heard feat. Ché – The Incident

Chris Gray – High Above

Kai Alcé ‎- Surrounded

Hanna – Remember