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Bristol legend Tricky

A selection of new music and videos

If you ever take time to think about the quantity of new music and videos that get uploaded and published to the web every day. Your mind might literally might start to swim.

Consider just how much new content is being translated into zeros and ones right now, and then beamed to your device. It’s a whole universe in itself. Whilst we don’t recommend you try and start watching it all. Let’s face it: you’d be on a fast track to a losing streak. As there’s more footage uploaded in an entire minute than your brain could physically process in a whole year.

Putting the numbers to one side, it’s genuinely impressive (and hard to fault) the level of work and creative endeavour that still goes into making music videos. Without even barely scratching the surface, there’s a lot of great content to watch out there.

By picking out a small selection that deserves some of your attention, we hope you’ll find a little more inspiration in whatever you’re doing today.

Our latest picks

Tricky – Fall please

Taken from his forthcoming album, Fall To Pieces – Bristol legend and Massive Attack collaborator Tricky arrives with an animated video from the talented Marta Kacprzak. Mixing stills, animated touches and home video footage, there’s something desperately charming about the personal simplicity of it all. A good sign of things to come…

Khruangbin – Time (You and I)

The dulcetly tinged tones of Khruanbin and their newish single are played out in perfect harmony courtesy of the talents of Stephen K Amos & Lunga Anele-Skosana. The pair take a lead role in fooling around the city of London, building sandcastles and having a fun old time. Irreverent and wholly appealing, the humorously kitsch visual style makes sure this is well worthy of two big thumbs at HQ.

Disclosure – Energy

The duo of Glenn Michael & Christo from Kid Studio concoct this quietly amusing, slickly produced and fully twisted tale that charts the micro-adventure of a man on a mission. Shot through from normality in to a sci-fi hifi realm, he runs the race to become another being. Oddly appealing … see for yourself

Squarepusher – Detroit People Mover

Squarepusher looks back to the city of Detroit’s past in his video ‘Detroit People Mover’ as he captures the loneliness of an empty tram of the same name, traveling across downtown Detroit. The footage was captured only a couple of months ago – an arresting image of life during a global pandemic. A brilliantly incisive narrative that underpins his own score, as life in an eerily quiet city takes centre stage.