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Moses Boyd - Stranger Than Fiction

A selection of new music and videos

We’re not going to lie – the amount of new music and videos that get uploaded and beamed across the internet on a daily basis is vast. Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Snap Chat are all in a hustle to grab your attention.

The moment you dip your toe in, it quickly becomes obvious you’re fighting a losing battle in trying to keep on top (not to mention getting a migraine in the process).

From where we’re sat, when you do skim the surface – it quickly becomes apparent there’s still a huge amount of creative endeavour that goes into making music videos. The level of quality is as good as ever, even if there’s so much of it to see.

By honing in on a small selection we think deserves at least some of your time, we hope you’ll find it a little easier to get some visual inspiration and enjoy some of the fun.

Our latest picks

Kruder & Dorfmeister – Johnson

Exploring the borders between the realms of physical and digital reality, directors Oscar and Stefan Pecher project a not too distant future where the digital has taken over in a matrix like manner – and at the same time, nature has reclaimed its territory due to people’s neglect of their surroundings. Haunting and entirely thought provoking, they capture the sense of confusion and unease which illustrate our present struggles. A great mix of old and new in this surreal video for Kruder and Dorfmeister.

Roam – Fools Errand

Inspired by life in current times and the pandemic we’re all living through, Toronto based artist Roam hooks up with director Jamie Hurcomb to make his vision fully come to life. By mixing and repurposing archival public domain footage into a collage of old and new, they’ve found their own way to parallel the world’s current situation as the best way to illustrate the song, capturing the zeitgeist while also showing that if we’ve lived through it in the past, we can live through it again.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Lost But Never Alone

A powerful running commentary on the collision of the not so old and new, Oneohtrix Point Never calls on the talents of Josh and Benny Safdie to direct the video for “Lost But Never Alone” – taken from his latest album. Drawing on the look and feel of 80s era low rent American TV, you get a totally unique take that draws upon the narrative of a generational clash in all it’s technicolour glory.

Moses Boyd – Stranger Than Fiction

A fantastically simple video shot for for Moses Boyd’s track “Stranger Than Fiction”, directed by duo Jean-Philippe Blunt and Thom Humphreys aka in/out . Think long exposure shots, quick cuts and the wonderful use of grainy imaging mixed with a lot of flashing effects. As every bit as classy, captivating and dynamic as Boyd’s composition and score.

Warning: this video contains flashing images.