Innate Playlist 008: DJ Guy rolls with his favourite Jungle & Hardcore sounds

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Welsh electronic music producer and ‘Other World Music’ boss DJ Guy selects his favourite Jungle & Hardcore records

DJ Guy (Guy Evans) in many respects is a bit of underground hero. Hailing from Cardiff, he has long been a presence in the electronic music community. He started out Djing in local clubs back in 1990 where you’ll still find him playing today. He also teaches music technology classes freelance at schools in his local area.

His music started to gain the respect and attention it sorely deserved a few years ago after he started to upload tapes worth of jams to his soundcloud page. Recorded at various studios from the early 90s onwards, he’s been sat on a veritable trove of audio treasure by anybody’s standards. Unbeknown to many of his friends and contemporaries, he had been quietly crafting all manner of IDM, Breakbeat, Techno, Ambient, Acid and Electronic jams for years: taking in influences from far and wide.

Thanks to the power of the internet, he captured the attention of the All Caps crew Glasgow back in 2014. At the time, they were wholeheartedly excited by what they’d heard. Guy has since gone on to release his music on Hypercolour, Cejero, NORD Records, Unthank and has recently started his own imprint: Other World Music.

As someone who grew up listening to Bristol radio as a kid (Tristan B & Galaxy), he was hearing early Smith & Mighty material evolve alongside the Tru Funk Posse. He later began going to the legendary parties thrown at Easton Community Centre to hear Roni Size, Krust, Suv and Die all develop what was fast becoming known as Drum and Bass/Jungle.

With all of this in mind and his upcoming radio residency on Noods starting on 21st September 2019, we thought it a fitting to ask Guy to select our latest YouTube playlist: 33 tracks of his favourite slabs of Jungle and Hardcore.