Scan 7- Between Worlds – Deeptrax

Detroit's Scan 7 crew makes their first album since 2002.

The ever mysterious and low key posse Scan 7 release their first album since 2002 “Between Worlds”

A full 17 years on from the last Scan 7 ‘The Return of The Beginning’ LP, the ever mysterious and low key posse from Detroit release a follow-up in the form of a triple-vinyl album ‘Between Worlds’, raising the flag for the city once more.

Led by Lou Robinson, the group has stayed true to its roots all these years – having first made their mark during the 90s through the likes of Tresor and Underground Resistance: exploring the boundaries between deeper house and techno, shaded with hints of their past – directing their gaze to the impending future. Having kept a long association with home labels such as Cratesavers Muzik, Wallshaker and Transmat, this whole new excursion comes courtesy of Chris Roorda’s Deeptrax Records. A store and label founded in The Netherlands back in 2004, it’s been a consistent platform providing deeper styles of raw electronic dance music – a natural home for Scan 7’s take on the Motor City music.

‘Between Worlds’ is unashamedly everything you’d expect and want from an album like this – joining the dots over 14 tracks between Metroplex-era electro, rush inducing orchestral techno, grainy homegrown house and plenty of bassy intergalactic funk. The album lifts off with the bountiful energy of ‘Stringing me Along’ – a perfect introduction to the deep rolling sounds that have proven to be so infectious over the last two decades. You won’t mistake the angular pulse and enticing vocals of ‘No Place Like Home’, its simplicity drawing you closer to the groove. Leaning much deeper into their politics, the electro tinged monster ‘It’s time’ resonates outwards: a call to action for more unity and understanding across the dance floor, whereas the soothing float of ‘Cream Dreams’ gives a little more space for room for breath.

Not ones for leaving you sat down, the bass-tinged prowess of ‘I’m Covered’ takes you straight back to those sweat soaked moments as the prophectic  words ‘no weapons formed against me shall prosper’ ring out. Keeping the tempos and styles moving around, ‘Moments like This’ offers a small antidote with an arpeggiated twist and airy synth lines whilst ‘As Above so Below’ gets back to basics with a minimalist flow. Heading deep into the vibe with the floating drift of ‘Electronic Evidence’ and ‘Smooth Scan’, the crew close off the LP with a more organic palette – relaxing the tempo with the smoothly stringed ‘Deep Roots’ and beat down jazz of ‘Shadow Spirit’.

A heavyweight excursion from the off, this won’t disappoint whether you’re a fan, old or new.