Hot off the press: Kris Baha

Bahnsteig23 - BAH 036

Bahnsteig 23 roll out an industrial grade carpet to welcome the return of Aussie EBM muscle pump maestro – Kris Baha

A skilled engineer and shaper of sounds, Baha is back off the block with a follow up to his last slab of sweat inducing riddims: dropping four tracks of weapons grade smut. A1 ‘Lockdown’ starts the party with a slab of pure chug, funnelling you into a smoky strobe-lit room filled with chasms of reverb over the drums. Unwavering in intent, vocals shudder through twisted guitar licks and ear bending feedback – achtung! Ramping the tempo for A2 ‘Relapse 83’, he deploys greater rhythmic intensity without deviating from the gnarled edge and warped sensitivities provided by blasts of guitar distortion and whacked out electronics.

Getting fully into the swing, B1 ‘Mind Unit Theory’ conjures up the magic spirit of Baldelli’s Cosmic era – soaking up the purest vibe of arpeggiated bass that drove right to the heart of those early club experiences. Last but not least, Baha turns back to his much loved wave of weirdness for the finale on B2 ‘Energy Theme’. Merging Yellow’s disco-not-disco approach with an industrial twist, you can’t help but fist bump in appreciation – talent on the march.