Hot Off The Press: Marco Bernardi

Marco Bernardi - Harbour City Sorry

A man of many talents – Marco Bernardi drops his latest wares courtesy of Frustrated Funk’s sister label, Harbour City Sorrow

Glasgow born but Bristol based these days, Marco Bernardi has maintained a solid level of output over the years – recording for the likes of Crème Organization, Royal Oak, Rawax & Soma to name but a few. As contributor to parent label Frustrated Funk, his debut for Harbour City Sorrow is yet another welcome addition, adopting a similar level of sensibility to that of his previous work. “Never Ending Similarities” is a trio of machine fuelled funk that colours the palette with warmth and intricacy, wrapped up in a neatly folded mantle of electro-inspired jams.  Exhibiting a real touch of class across all three three tracks, this EP should especially please his fans as the release of  “Demonia” is available on vinyl for the first time.