HOT OFF THE PRESS: Jayson Wynters

Delsin release ‘The Affect Heuristic’ from Birmingham’s brightest techno talent – Jayson Wynters

Already having made his mark on the likes of Don’t Be Afraid, Phoenix G and Ornate Music, Jayson Wynters is one artist from the new school who is not afraid of erring towards the deeper strains of hardware-oriented house and techno. Refreshingly cliché free in his output, he’s not afraid to push things into the red and cover his sonics in dirt. Yet, equally commands a finesse and poise that is more akin to the Motorcity forefathers than the ‘klang’ of his local Sandwell District neighbours.

A natural at championing impulse and feeling over technical perfectionism, it’s with great pleasure to announce he’s landed for a four-track EP courtesy of Delsin that fully showcases his vibrant, expressively outlier take on machine fuelled funk: steeped in rich analogue warmth, glistening with cosmic echoes.

With an instinct for broader tempos and rhythms, Wynters strides forth on ‘The Affect Heuristic’ and applies his electrifying touch, calling on the tweakings of visionaries such as Ian O’Brien, 7th Plain and Stasis as much as you’ll feel the positive infiltration of Model 500 and Terrance Dixon in his overall output.

Morphing in style from track to track, he leads with the rolling arps and punchy leads of ‘Trace Minerals’ – a swirling dervish of movement, underpinned by the rhythmic punch of a 707. The spaciously urgent electro of ‘The Hunted’ then creeps up on you with bustling urgency and pulsing bottom end, all struck through the precision hit of metronomic snares as subtle layers combine with tweakish effect.

On the flipside, ‘Crypto’ ramps up the intensity as he plots a darker trajectory into vivid sound chasms, sculpted from low-pass impulses and spectral synthesis: all plucked from the resonance of alien hives in the midst of a new world takeover. Last but not least, ‘Tehutis Law’ rewinds to a distinct funk, loaded with morphing accents and wavy grooves from the bottom end, right to the high frequencies. This is highly evolved, technicolour stylings that capture an artist in full evolutionary flow and carry a richness that simply gets better the more you listen. Totally warm in feeling, yet fully raw in texture, you can’t help but admire the craftsmanship that makes his work a worthy addition to the winding legacy of techno.