N.A.D. – A Day in May – Rush Hour

Artwork for N.A.D - A Day in May released on Rush Hour Music

Rush Hour release New Aural Discourse’s latest excursion “A Day In May”

During the early 90s, UK house sonic shakers and underground music makers Tony Thorpe (Moody Boyz/Wayward Soul) and Mustafa Ali (L.E. Bass) first connected when BPM Records boss Thorpe heard the potential in Ali’s 1989 “Distant Drums” release. Arguably one of the first examples of British made deep house, the duo are best known for their album “Dawn Of A New Age” that came out a year later – brought back into press by Rush Hour in 2013.

Since then, the pair have quietly gone about their business: furnishing us with more golden age material that continues to reference their take on the sci-fi futurism of Juan Atkins and Anthony Shakir. All crossed into the silky smooth sounds of the Burrell Brothers and Elbee Bad, and veering into jacked up jams that fire on all cyclinders for the new rave generation. As a follow to up April’s ‘The Electro EP’, their latest excursion ‘A Day in May’ is an even finer example of their studio prowess. In this latest missive, featuring 4 electrifying tracks that give a heady nod to their Detroit cousins across the pond, the duo fully summon the power of the machines at their fingertips to concoct a fusion of hi-tech soul and cyborg certified dancefloor mayhem.

Commencing with the jacking funk of ‘A Day In May’, there’s no hiding from the punchy drums and Transmat era synthetic touches that land in true wiggin’ fashion – classy stuff. Followed by the astral sleeze of ‘What Race The Cyborg’, a homage to royalist Techno that features flitting percussion and stabbed notes that leave no room for doubt. Over on the flipside, the driving funk and bottom end of ‘Assemblages’ is a call to the masses – purist peak time material that delivers sheer delight in the right hands. Last but not least, the evocative ‘Singer Of Siren Songs’ dives even further into the Motorcity underworld.

Like all Rush Hour projects, this is a serious slice of battle business and comes highly recommended for Techno fans – old and new aged.