Mr Fingers – Mr Fingers 2016 – Alleviated

Mr Fingers 2016 EP

The living legend that is Larry Heard scores his first Mr Fingers release in over a decade

Whilst we don’t often shout about that much, a brand new Mr Fingers release on his own Alleviated imprint is surely something worth taking note of, and maybe even getting a little excited.We hope (and pray) you’ll already know that we’re talking about a living legend, so let’s focus on Mr Fingers’ music here rather than preach a history lesson.

Heard opens the EP in typical understated fashion, laying down the icy minimalism of “Outer Acid” which unfurls to an off-kilter acid bassline and twittering rhythmic flow. Topped with delicate keys and twinkling chimes, you find yourself drawn into a spaced out zone that sits between twilight and those darker moments. Punctuated with subtle tweaks and the odd gnarled edge, there is more than enough to draw you back from the edge of this sleep like hypnosis. Taking up the tempo, “Qwazars” glides elegantly towards the edges of euphoria as he proceeds with his journey through the galaxy and into the reaches of the next stellar clusters. Sci Fi keys, well placed percussion and just that little touch of magic offer a pure flavour that bears all the marks of Finger’s vintage. On the flip, he dreams a more earthly/tribal vision putting “Nodyahead” to the test – an irresistible shuffling house bomb that is moulded from organic rhythms and swaying tones that sit tightly together in perfect harmony. Closing the affair in suitable fashion, the dreamy air of “Aether” drifts in a gorgeous fusion of new age pads and subaqueous drums that simply delight and sooth in equal measure – anyone for Ambient House?

Although all the material here is far from instant – this EP carries many years of knowhow and is yet another worthy addition to the Mr Fingers catalogue that will surely stand the test of time.