Hit the flip: B-Sides of records (Part 10)

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Searching through forgotten sounds: B-Sides of records

Since getting Innate off the ground and onto the web, it’s been our mission to champion fresh  sources of untapped sounds, and shine a light onto overlooked pieces of music. In particular, tracks which appear on the B-Sides of records have a certain appeal.

Lesser heard pieces of music are easily forgotten about.

In some cases, there’s every chance you can stumble on a piece of work that might have just as much value as its A-Sided counterpart. There’s two sides to every story, so keep on looking and listening. What’s the worst that can happen?

Enjoy our latest finds:

Gary Numan – Metal Video (B-Side to Cars)

Atmosfear – Extract (B-Side to Invasion)

E-Z Rollers – Synesthesia [Dom & Roland Remix] (B-Side to Tough at The Top)

Escape From New York – Won’t Be Your Fool (B-Side to Fire in My Heart)

Kraftwerk – Vom Himmel Hoch (B-Side to Kraftwerk)

Plastikman – Gak [Remix] (B-Side to Spastik)