Hit the flip: B-Sides of records (Part 14)

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B-Sides of records – digging deeper for forgotten sounds

As we like to remind ourselves, there are two sides to every story.

One of the things that’s always been central to our mission is to champion fresh sources of untapped sounds, shining a light onto music that all too often gets overlooked or forgotten about.

One such place you’ll find a never ending flow of new and interesting sources, is tracks that appear on the B-Sides of records. Back in the mists of time when physical media, namely pieces of pressed plastic, ruled the industry and airwaves. There’s always been a hallowed space for additional cuts, bonus mixes and/or additional jams to find and make their way into world. Often giving acts and artists the chance to push the envelope and try their hand at something more risqué than their label manager may have wanted – but waved through nonetheless.

If you’ve ever found yourself attracted to a song in particular, it’s often the case that you’ve bought a record and then overlooked what might be lurking on the same grooves over on the flip. However, this is exactly where the fun begins.

Having spent years trawling through dusty record bins, boxes and even personal collections, what we’ve learned is there’s every chance you can uncover something that might just have as much value as its A-Sided counterpart, and sometimes even more.

Check our latest finds:

The Human League – Introducing (B-Side to Empire State Human)

UB40 – Mek Ya Rok (B-Side to Don’t Break My Heart)

Adamski – Love and Life (B-Side to N-R-G)

Herbie Hancock – Doin It (B-Side to Knee Deep)

Fabio & Grooverider – Rotation (B-Side to Rage)

Aphex Twin – Pancake Lizard (B-Side to Donkey Rhubarb)