B-Sides (Part 4): Forgotten gems, a lost art?

B-Sides - Cover Image

Delving deeper into forgotten airs – we serve up another selection of B-Sides

Do you ever think twice? We’d like to think there is an art to stopping, looking and listening – which is why the flipside of records often get overlooked.

In an effort plug some gaps and uncover a whole new source of interesting sounds, we’ve decided to champion those lesser spotted tracks, taken from the flipside of better known hits (if that’s what you can call it?). If you ever wondered what-on-earth bands or artists were getting up-to whilst filling studio time, why not have a browse through another selection of six for your listening pleasure:

The Clash – Justice Tonight (B-Side to London Calling)

Dinosaur L – Clean Your Bean #1 (B-Side to Go Bang)

Klein & MBO – Wonderful (B-Side to The MBO Theme)

Grace Jones – Ja Guys (B-Side to Nipple to the Bottle)

4 Hero – Combat Dance (B-Side to Mr Kirk’s nightmare)

Aphex Twin – Nannou (B-Side to Window Licker)