Cartoon corner

Cartoon corner: straight off the strip

From traditional methods such as stop motion, pen & ink and cut out pieces of card to the ultra high-tech world of 3D motion graphics. There are multiple methods to animate characters and bring them to life. At its very core, it’s all about making masses of pixels move.

With more talent than ever bursting with ideas to make their vision a moving reality, there’s certainly not a shortage of engaging new content to light up your screen. Continuing our on-going series, we pick out some of the latest animated shorts that caught the eye, and our attention.

We hope you’ll appreciate the love and sheer level of craft that goes into these pieces of work as we focus on a bunch of cartoon fun from creators based in the USA, Japan, Russia, Germany and the UK.

Board Shop – Patrick Smith

Director Patrick Smith creates this short film as an homage to his favorite activity and culture. “Board Shop” Juxtaposes hundreds of vintage, classic, and contemporary designs and styles of skateboard into a trance inducing maelstrom of 24 boards per second imagery.

ROXY x Masanobu Featuring Stephanie Gilmore

A beautifully elegant slice of finesse and colour collide in this magical short. Dive straight into a space where one of the world’s most famous surfers is brought to life with style and finesse as each and every pixel oozes class.

Hunters or gatherers – Lobster Studio

This is the story of one day from dawn to dusk. By choice or by fate, each human takes the role of a hunter or a gatherer. Hunting because of hunger, survival or simply for sport. This short explores the ancient and savage link between man and nature.

Village Noyé – Damien Tran

Village noyé (Drowned village) is an experimental animation piece. It shows scenes of destruction, collapse, escape and drowning. The sequences are generated by computer, then printed one by one, reprinted and distorted with an old photocopy machine. Clever stuff!

L’indécis – Second Wind

A little balloon goes on a big adventure through a series of psychedelic landscapes, encountering strange obstacles and challenges on the way in this beautiful project.