Hot off the press: Johanna Knutsson / Karen Gwyer

Johanna Knutsson / Karen Gwyer - Oscillate Tracks 003

Johanna Knutsson and Karen Gwyer etch an EP of classy techno on Oscillate Tracks 003

Following a shared performance between Johanna Knutsson and Karen Gwyer at Berlin’s ://about blank club back in March 2018, two of our favourite underground techno artists of the last few years have joined forces for a superbly crafted split EP.

The third release in Oscillate Tracks’ series, the label has sprung from events under the same banner that have been running at the club over the last 4 years. It suffices to say their musical affinity in a club environment is easily recognisable if you’ve had the pleasure of catching them ply their craft. This is only furthered by their respective production talents on this record. A four tracked EP, the A Side features 2 tracks from Oscillate resident Knutsson. Having made such a big impression playing together – it seems like it was an easy decision to draft in Gwyer to match her contribution for the B Side.

Checking in on Johanna’s side, the Swedish producer takes aim with the bubbling tones and tempo of “Hassel”, a minimal leaning workout that pulses in and out with touches and refrains from her Nord synth rippling through. Before dropping the vaster soundscape and dubbed-out alternations of “Lysmossa” – a powerful ode to the joys of techno that well and truly springs.

On the flip, Karen unleashes two of the purest cuts of melancholic IDM where she can do no wrong: adding layer upon layer of sparkling notes over lush melody, arpeggiated bass and swaying percussion on “The Way You Drive”. She plays on the same theme but with a sparser touch on “Caught You” that is both mesmerising as it is a joy to behold…