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Music and video can be a potent mix in the right field of focus. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look around.

The amount of new music and video getting uploaded, beamed and streamed  across the web on a daily basis is colossal – let’s put it this way, an attempt at trying to keep up is not a job for the faint hearted.

When it comes to spreading your attention across Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Tiktok and Snap Chat, you find yourself quickly steeped in a sea of an ever growing pulsating hive of zeros and ones. As all the major players are positively swimming in content, they hustle to grab what’s left of your precious attention to reel you in.

From skimming the surface though, the one thing that does really jump out is just how much great talent and material there is. The level of quality and creative effort directors and artists put in to their work is as immense, as it is inspiring.

Our latest picks

We’ve honed in on a fresh micro selection of new music and videos we think deserve at least some of your ear and visual attention time. Hopefully, you’ll find it a bit easier to get some inspiration of your own and at the very least – enjoy the fun on offer.

Fever Ray – What They Call Us

Karin Dreijer is back after a 5 year hiatus as Fever Ray with this wonderfully sparse, clanging lament – mourning the trappings and soul destroying drabness of the daily grind. Resulting in an almost unearthly spiritual imprisonment, a gaunt central character embodies the life of a withered office drone, caught in the endless humdrum of repetition and grind.

Hypnotic, wistful and powerfully jarring, Drier weaves a certain magic without quite ever explaining themself. The return is certainly most welcome.

Au Suisse – Thing

When old friends Morgan Geist and Kelley Polar finally got around to working together in earnest after 20 years of knowing each other – ‘Au Suisse’ is the resulting project. Pure, unfettered electronic disco-pop joy is order of the day.

Director and artist John Smith’s video aesthetics tie the song together with a minimalist, abstract black and white set of grainy looking motifs that revolve across the spectrum. Occasionally breaking out into a burst of colour before stepping back, a perfect accompaniment to their polished production.

Axel Boman feat. Man Tear & Inre Frid – Out Sailing

The juddering yet bliss-fuelled electronica woven together by the talent of super Swede Alex Boman is a real joy to behold – especially when paired with the work of Adam Chitayat.

Presenting an awesome collage, stitched together from Google Maps images and then reeled into a stunning narrative composed of numerous buildings, landmarks and landscapes across the world. It perfectly creates a universal, expansive backdrop that serves to highlight the mood and bring Boman’s love of sailing to life.

TSHA – Running

London-based DJ and producer Teisha Matthews aka TSHA has been enjoying a meteoric rise since first breaking through back in 2019. Her latest offering Running focuses on musicality for the dance floor.

The accompanying video from Danae Gosset is a colourful and stylistically pleasing collage of almost psychedelic motifs. Aimed at communicating escape, embracing and surrendering to the unexpected – he offers an immersive journey into the cosmos along the way.

DR MYSTERY – Modern love

Mysteious Mancunian producer Dr MYSTERY follows up his debut album with an LP featuring this excursion into mood and subtlety – a dreamy and romantic downtempo ode to his city’s industrial heritage.

Filmed in Manchester by Robin Hergé and directed & edited by MYSTERY themself, the video for ‘Modern Love’ transports viewers into a late night journey, pacing through the streets of Salford, interspersed with graceful dance moves.