On video

A selection of new music and videos

The quantity of new music and accompanying videos that get published to the internet on a daily basis is pretty vast when you take a moment to think about it.

If you even tried to start watching everything that got uploaded today, not that it’s a challenge! You’d already be fighting a losing battle. Burnt retinas aside, there’s more footage uploaded in an entire minute every day than your brain can physically process in a whole month.

Putting all this to one side, what’s impressive (and hard to fault) is the level of creative work and artistic endeavour that still goes into making music videos. We kid you not, there’s a lot of great content out there to watch.

By picking out a small selection that deserves some of your attention, we hope you’ll find a little more inspiration in whatever you’re working on.

Here’s our latest picks of new music and videos:

Max Cooper – Repetition

Jump into the epic audio-visualization for Max Cooper’s “Yearning for the Infinite” by director Kevin McGloughlin. “Repetition” is an attempt to convey the daunting and disorienting concept of human development, in the seemingly endless struggle for a fruitful future.

Vagabon – Water Me Down

Cameroon-born artist Vagabon teams up Los Angeles-based director Maegan Houang and mixes up a performance and dance for “Water Me Down” as the singer experiments with freeing herself from rigid structure.

Canigou – Tape

A mezmerizingly brilliant animation by director-animator Hideki Inaba from Tokyo, for Swedish duo Canigou’s track “Tape” .

Chris Liebing & Charlotte de Witte – Liquid Slow

Enjoy the intensity of Chris Liebing and Charlotte de Witte’s collaboration with Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Nogari. Shot in São Paulo by Erik Henriksson and produced by Iconoclast, “Liquid Slow” tells an unconventional love story between two outsiders.