Hot off the press: Sirko Muller / Jonno & Tommo

Sirko Muller and Jonno & Tommo contribute to the latest Verdant recordings EP

If you have yet to have experienced the shoots and leaves that have been taking root and starting to flourish in the Verdant Recordings hotbed, thanks to dedication of its boss Andy Green, the label has been making quite the impression since its first release back in 2016.

Summing up everything this is positive about modernist electronic music and giving it an outlet to the wider world – “Receptor Theory” is the seventh release on the label. Featuring sets of tracks from Berlin’s Sirko Muller alongside Ornate Music’s Jonno & Tommo on the flipside. The original mixes are accompanied by remix action from Verdant favourite RV800 and the masterful Havantepe aka Ismail Genc: the bar has once again been raised for fans of the deeper sonic persuasion.

The EP opens with the subtle roll of Muller’s “Affinity” on A1, a contemplative affair that summons the power of stripped back dub aesthetics and spaced out edges that’ll send you diving into the moment as things gain traction. Taking a slightly more bouncy, acid-scattered groove – RV800 adds plenty of shuffle to his remix that’s in keeping with the label’s dynamics.

Turn to the B-Side and you’ll find Jonno & Tommo’s “Efficacy” – an assured yet subtle groove that treads the line between 808 drums, spaced out synths and bass-heavy counterpoints. If this wasn’t enough – last but not least, Havantepe changes things up with a remix of epic proportions: staking a claim with cosmically charged electro vibe. Injecting a slow burn feel with a creeping 303 bassline, the remix is well and truly of the highest order – and nothing you should not expect from a label that’s carving out an impressive reputation and catalogue of music.